Surety Bonds In Gastonia, NC

We offer all types of surety bonds, including hard-to-place accounts like customers with poor credit, environmental or hazardous bonds, high-limit fidelity bonds, and more.


Contractor License Bonds

At the state regulation level, irrigation and landscape contractors must file a bond to be licensed. In addition, electrical contractors must post a statement of bondability for an intermediate license and an unlimited license. Some local governments also require licensing and bonding, most notably, Mecklenburg County (home to the city of Charlotte) requires contractors to obtain a minimum land use and construction bond to obtain permits with the county.

Financial Services Bonds

Financial services, including Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, and Loan Brokers, are required to provide proof of surety bond coverage.

Miscellaneous Business Bonds

Other businesses outside of the categories listed require surety bonds, including Lottery Sales, Tobacco Sales, and Combat Sports Promoter Agents.

Insurance Broker Bonds

Insurance agents that offer insurance products as a broker must file an insurance broker bond with the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

All motor vehicle dealers must purchase a surety bond in North Carolina. For auto dealers with more than one location, an additional surety bond is required for each additional location.

Collection Agency Bonds

Collection agencies must purchase surety bond coverage to legally operate. There are different types of Collection Agency Bonds, depending on the origination of the business owner.

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